Our guestbook is here to provide our friends and visitors with a convenient way of communicating with us and each other about any problems or delights they may have encountered while visiting our website or the Retreat.
We are aware we have embarked upon a long journey and would ask for feedback on what we have done right and what we could have done better. Only by sharing your thoughts and experiences with us can we be sure of working towards offering the facilities and opportunities that our new and regular visitors and friends will enjoy.
We are committed to creating a harmonious environment that will benefit all during their stay and hopefuly offer something more to take away that will support them in their daily lives.
Our Retreat is just what it says it is a Retreat; "A place affording peace, quiet, privacy and security" You will stay amongst friends and be most welcome for however long you wish be with us.
If you have any questions about Sangha Retreat please ask.
If you have enjoyed the spirit of Sangha Retreat please share your thoughts with others.

Alejandro Van Oppen    (Alex)

I spend 3 week's in the retreat, it was amazing. Steve and Skip were amazing host, they were always kind and they cooked really tasty meals. During my stay with Steve we were constructing a new floor, so I improved my skills with different tools.

The place is very relaxed and always quite, surrounded of nature, 100% recommended for doing meditation.
Thanks for everything! Hope I can visit you again some time :)


I really admire Steve's vision for the retreat, and believe it will be a perfect place for people from all walks of life to come together and live in a community at a very reasonable cost. The way this retreat is unique from many others is that visitors don't have to follow a strict schedule but can just do certain activities if they want, and so hopefully a lot of people who were previously scared to go to a retreat and do hours meditation a day can come to Sangha and take it more easily.

The location of the retreat is quite remote meaning there is never any loud noise, but it's only a short drive to the main town of Bourganeouf or bike ride to Lac de Vasiviere so you're never too far away from civilisation! The retreat itself is a beautiful building with a reading room, garden, dining room and very comfy beds - and I'm sure when all the building work has finished it will be even better. I'm sure to visit the retreat again in the future, and would like to personally thank Colin and Steve for making my stay very enjoyable and giving me fun work to do, and wish Steve luck as he aims to finish off building work on the retreat.


Wow... want to move here.  
Our first ever vsit to the retreat.
Having just lost my job., we were under a lot  of stress. The Retreat allowed us time to relax, re-evaluate and contemplate our future as well as appreciate what we have. The retreat is set in a beautiful and tranquil area of France. We can't Thank Steve and Colin enough for letting us come and stay. It was an amazing and life changing experience. I will tell everyone they must visit.
Thanks again.

Evelyn & Ray  Your Website is looking really great and we wish you all success with this venture - exciting times!


Wonderfully tranquil place to be, see you again in the Spring


I realy enjoyed my stay I can't wait to go back again.

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Peace of mind - "the absence of mental stress or anxiety"

All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering.

We generally believe that external conditions e.g. material posessions and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote time and energy to acquiring these.

Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we shall see that they also bring us suffering and problems.

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