2019 Community Retreats  


Sangha Retreat will be hosting month-long Community Retreats, giving those with experience of, or wishing to gain insight into community based living the opportunity to share and practice the experience in a quiet and peaceful environment.
Only 6 places per month will be allocated for four week periods, with longer stays considered for more experienced visitors.
​Irrespective of faith, gender or practice visitors are invited to live and share with others day to day routines such as cooking, meal times and domestic chores. Allocated single rooms (unless requested to share) guests will enjoy the opportunity of setting their own agenda or routine for four weeks whilst benefiting from support from other like-minded residents.


Esat digging a hole to test our soil for clay content in order to build a 'cob' oven.
Esat enjoying peace and quiet, meditating in our flower strewn meadow.
Sangha Team & friends, Skip, Tom and Steve at the end of July retreat.
Some of our friends that helped build our Earth Oven in Sangha Retreats lovely garden. 

New flooring, lights and Buddha happy  in the shrine room.

New wood burner installed in the lounge ready for winter.


Our tranquil environment will give you the opportunity discover and engage with Community life; which is a spiritual practice in itself – learning to share, to tolerate other people and communicate honestly. Community life helps people to develop loving-kindness, loosen the divide between self and others, and to realise the interconnected nature of our lives. Great friendships can be forged during community living.


You will have the opportunity to live in a rustic farmhouse enviroment, amidst glorious gardens in the heart of the Millevaches National Park. Being collectively responsible for daily routines and organising your days to suite your needs.





No television or internet, mobile phone signals can be unpredictable. Although we have friendly neighbours we are 7km from the nearest village and 18km from the nearest town.

Only six places per month are allocated, you will need to enquire and book early. 

  • Group of four booking together up to 20% concession.
  • Includes breakfast and evening meal*
  • Laundry facilities and bedding supplied.

   *Community prepared Breakfast and evening meal


Please contact us if you wish to 'lead' a Retreat with teachings in any discipline to discuss concessions and benefits.

Mindfulness for mental wellbeing

What is Mindfulness?


It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. It has been proven that paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing - thats a fact!


Some people call this awareness 'mindfulness'. You can take steps to develop this in your own life, good mental wellbeing means feeling good about life and yourself. 


Becoming more aware of the present moment means noticing the sights, smells and sounds that you experience, as well as your thoughts and feelings that occur from one moment to another.


Mindfulness can help us enjoy the world more and understand ourselves better.

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Peace of mind - "the absence of mental stress or anxiety"

All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering.

We generally believe that external conditions e.g. material posessions and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote time and energy to acquiring these.

Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we shall see that they also bring us suffering and problems.







You and your Sangha members can enjoy a full month on Retreat for less than £8* per person per day 

(£56 per week)

For those unable to commit to a whole month, providing your Sangha (Group) has booked the month you can 'relay' members to enable all your friends to benefit from our affordable Retreat.


 *Based on 8 members - self catering

Return flights from UK from £39.98

Sangha Retreat supports WaterAid

Water & Sanitation For All