Going on retreat means taking time away from your ordinary life and situation. It is a special time to give yourself some peace and calm. You might be stepping away from a hectic lifestyle full of being far too busy. You may be taking a break away from work, the responsibilities of children or caring for someone or you may just want some quiet time and to be left alone for a day or two. 

You might simply want some tranquility in which to consider where you are in life.
Going on retreat can give you the opportunity to share time, and inspiration with like-minded people from all walks of life.
Many people find that a sense of community develops naturally as a retreat progresses, and lasting friendships are born from their time spent together. 

Retreats are not holidays. They are an opportunity to deepen your awareness of yourself, other people, and the world around you. They give you space to clarify what is essential in your life and as such, a retreat can be a challenging, life changing experience. 

All the great spiritual traditions are about discovering ourselves in ways that help us to grow in happiness, peace and awareness.

Peace of mind

There are plenty of things we need as human beings, but one of the most neglected, is peace and quiet, or more specifically, an absence of distraction and stimulation. 
We live in a frantic society, where we're constantly bombarded by news, media, gadgets, family, friends, telephones, computers, television and work. 
Space and silence are important and rare, and like anything that is rare, they need protecting and nurturing. 
As our lives become noisier and busier the value of silence and solitude, difficult as it may be to find, becomes even greater. 
Perhaps visiting a Retreat is the perfect opportunity to try to make space for quiet; to reclaim some silence and see whether it makes any difference to you. 
By finding time to look deep within yourself, to find peace and tranquility, you are giving your mind, body, and soul the time to revitalise itself and help you look, feel, and be a happier, healthier and more controlled person.
We offer a comfortable bed, a friendly environment, space, tranquility and the opportunity to relax and think in peace and quiet.
Take time to indulge yourself: whether you just want quiet time, time to go for walks or time just to be at peace in the present moment. 
This is your time.
Group retreats are welcomed for up to 12 people throughout the year.  
Winters are very challenging.  However, our wood burning Aga and stoves supply central heating and roaring log fires.
Built over 200 years ago, our beautiful traditional farm cottages have a wealth of character features; exposed beams, huge granite fireplaces and creaking oak stairs. Set in over an acre and a half of private land it has mature gardens, ponds and a private paddock to enjoy.
Recent improvements include the addition of a wood buring Aga, renovation work on improving communal areas and bathroom facilities.  The installation of the new central heating system and double glazing windows throughout ensures a warm and comfortable stay during the winter months. 


Communal kitchen and dining is available for everyone to use. Feel free to help yourself whenever you surface, very early or very late there are no time constraints.
Future amenities will include access for wheelchair users, a new shrine /yoga room, more spacious sleeping accommadation and more shower rooms. 
 We will also be offering more formal weekend and week-long retreats with the opportunity for meditation and study lead by established teachers.
We have achieved a great deal over recent years with the help of friends and volunteers for the UK and EU we have knocked down walls, put in new doors and windows, built two new shower rooms and installed a new kitchen and utility facilaties.
We have even found time to work in the garden (which was a lot more fun!)
This year we also finished our shrine room though work on a larger shrine/yoga room and refurbishing our dining/kitchen area which is the heart of our community living continues
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Peace of mind - "the absence of mental stress or anxiety"

All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering.

We generally believe that external conditions e.g. material posessions and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote time and energy to acquiring these.

Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we shall see that they also bring us suffering and problems.







You and your Sangha members can enjoy a full month on Retreat for less than £8* per person per day 

(£56 per week)

For those unable to commit to a whole month, providing your Sangha (Group) has booked the month you can 'relay' members to enable all your friends to benefit from our affordable Retreat.


 *Based on 8 members - self catering

Return flights from UK from £39.98

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