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Off we go!


Next week with Spring in the air we are off to visit Sangha Retreat again. As always we've got loads to do and lots of people to meet and greet. During this 10 day visit an arborist is coming to give our amazing nut tree, estimated to be over two hundred years old some TLC its over 10 meters high but is in need of some attention which will mean removing some very high and unsafe branches, these will supply wood for our fires into next Winter.

See the picture above of our tree with Steve looking very happy cutting grass.

Plasterers and electricians will descend and by the time we return to the UK our current accommodation should be completely rewired and ready for the installation of new lighting and appliances.

We are hoping to get some competitive quotes for the pointing of our current/temporary shrine room and the end barn which eventually (maybe next year) will be our much larger shrine room where a variety of classes will be held including meditation and yoga. Jean Pierre will be getting his digger in too, to level the ground in preparation for laying a new floor.

We'll be collecting a new (preloved) wood burner to be fitted in the kitchen connecting to the new chimney installed during our last visit and hopefully meeting with friends who have offered to build us an earth oven in the garden this Spring. All this and we hope to make progress with our second new shower room too!
It looks like the weather is going to be kind to us which will be a bonus as there is much to do outside if we have time.

Really looking forward to our trip, as usual!

Spring /Summer 


We are now planning our Spring/Summer timetable and have recently added dates to our calendar,   we are visiting with friends in February to discuss ongoing renovation work and again in March for a major re-wire of the main building. We hope to have a colleague(s) in residence early spring to welcome visitors and volunteers on a regular basis.
Retreats this year will be quite informal, fun events focusing on personal relaxation and Peace of Mind we’re planning (with the generosity of friends) meditation sessions with laughter & singing workshops, if we are lucky there will be some Dharma studies; Reiki, Yoga and cooking sessions are on the agenda too (you don’t have to join in if you don’t want to) with plenty of time to rest and enjoy our beautiful countryside.
We are throwing open our doors to encourage as many friends, old and new to join us with free accommodation is still available.
Our plans for this year have been described as a summer of “informal Buddhisty holiday/hang outs”
There’s still plenty of work going on, and will be for the foreseeable future but if you would like to be part of the new Sangha Retreat community and feel you could offer support (by just being there)  feel free to join us this spring/summer for Fun and Friendship. Please do not expect any formality, there won’t be any, you are welcome to bring friends too!

With the help of a few friends

Steve and a few friends are heading back to Sangha Retreat on 9th October to get some more work done.

We’ve achieved a greeat deal and seen a great number of changes. There’s more to come and we are all excited about future projects. Again, thanks to all who have helped at Sangha Retreat and those who have given support in so many ways.

A big thank you

The Sangha Team are off to France on 31st May. We have managed to muster together some good friends and volunteers who are coming over to help this Spring/Summer with the installation of new shower rooms and assist with improving our facilities.

Some friends are assisting in the garden too.

I would like to express my personal gratitude to some very special people who are being so supportive in thought and deed I rejoice in their kindness.

Thanks to all that have offered a helping hand to our project, we are looking forward to making new friends and building a great community spirit at Sangha Retreat France.

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